syqada statusΒΆ

>>>  syqada status

runs syqada manage on each step of the protocol in turn to report the current status of the workflow, stopping if it encounters a step that is in error. This is a useful tool for nondestructively determining the state of an existing workflow whose recent history is unfamiliar to you.

The commands:

syqada status


syqada auto --status

are identical, and are the terser and more effective equivalent of running:

for batch in 0* ; do
  syqada manage $batch | tail -1

An example from the test suite follows:

> syqada status --protocol control/Example.reference
Inferring project name Example from protocol file
Protocol.INFO: Opening protocol version 1.0 file control/Example.reference
Protocol.INFO: Found 4 tasks
syqada-1.0-RC2: Task 01-count-characters 11 of 11 required jobs completed. Batch completed
syqada-1.0-RC2: Task 02-demonstrate-failure-handling 10 of 11 required jobs completed. Batch in error
H00:00:00.018 02-demonstrate-failure-handling: Batch in error