Hacks – Egregious

For this and all my past sins, I am heartily sorry.


SyQADA and this documentation was written largely by Jerry Fowler, who would rather be writing poetry than user manuals, which you may have guessed by now. Since he was writing in first person and didn’t want to blame this text on anyone else, the word I appears more often than it otherwise would if he were sharing design credit rather than hogging literary blame; Anthony San Lucas would be chief among the “we” if we were using that word instead, but thanks are due to others who have advanced SyQADA, including Kyle Chang, Addy Deshpande, Smruthy Sivakumar, Lili Huang, Yihua Liu, Selina Vattathil, Sasa Jakubek, Humam Kadara and Kristi Hoffman for various combinations of use, enthusiasm, and suggested improvements, and to Paul Scheet for assembling the lab and making it possible to do this work. His initial suspension of disbelief and subsequent enthusiasm for these efforts is greatly appreciated.